Dear Neighbors,

As I’ve said before, I never aspired to be a politician.  After seeing the direction our city is being driven toward however, I’m confident that as a city commissioner, I will be a better voice for the citizens of DeLand.  One of my favorite parts of this path has been getting to meet and talk with people from all walks of life who make up this diverse community.  I love listening to the issues that matter the most to you and exploring solutions!  Having received some questions regarding a t-shirt I designed several months ago referencing identifying as “pureblood”, I wanted to take an opportunity to fully explain the context.  The shirt was in reference to mandates forcing people to accept, in my opinion, an experimental vaccine against the Covid-19 virus.  I felt that taking the vaccine was not the right choice for me.  The shirt was a response to those who challenged my rights and the rights of others to medical freedom and body autonomy.  As a candidate for DeLand City Commission, I can assure you that I will always stand for the rights of every individual, including the right to make the best choices for yourselves and your families.  I look forward to sharing even more experiences and ideas with the members of this community for the shared goal of preserving and protecting our wonderful city of DeLand.

  1. Hi …

    I have outlined a strategy to use non-binding “advisory elections” to put reform policies before the US electorate at the city and county levels, thus offering voters a way to let them vote for transformative change. Would you care to see it?

    Barry Klein
    Co-founder, Houston Property Rights Assocition
    An article about my work:
    Forbes on-line: “Charter Amendments: The Future of Government Reform?”

    Phone 713-224-4144

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