Matthew “Matt” Johnson was raised in Orlando until his family relocated out of state when he was in middle school. He returned as an adult to his childhood home where he met his wife Beth, who was raised in DeLand. Together they have a son, Gabriel. As a family they enjoy spending time at the beaches and camping all across the state.

One of the most endearing traits the city of DeLand has for Matt and his family is it’s small town feel. They live minutes away from downtown and love all that DeLand has to offer. The proximity of DeLand to larger cities makes it a wonderful place to raise a family without having to miss out on any of the bigger city excitement.

Matt’s decision to run for office came after the last several years of unprecedented government overreach at all levels. He’s been politically active and standing up for the rights of the community since before the 2016 election. As a scholar of the U.S. and FL Constitutions, he made the decision to run for one very specific reason. Governments sole purpose (regardless of the level) is to protect the rights of the people they are elected to serve. For far too long, governments from the local level to the Federal have rejected that duty in favor of ruling over the people they serve.

Matt’s not a “Politician.” He’s a husband, a father, and a resident of the city of DeLand; and understands the concerns of regular everyday people. He understands what it’s like when bureaucrats in suits sit behind a dais and ignore your pleas for what you believe is best for you and your family, careers, or personal property; and instead vote in favor of those who put money in their campaign pockets to keep them in office indefinitely. He understands the frustration you felt when you were told to shut down your small business or stay home from work because you weren’t “essential” enough to provide for your family.

Many of those businesses were never reopened, and those are just a few factors that have motivated this campaign. Matt will ALWAYS be the voice of the people regardless of your class, the color of your skin, or your family dynamic.