I believe the Planning Board and long time Politicians have been hastily approving huge areas of suburban growth that our small community may not be able to support.  They’ve been approving these areas without taking into consideration the sustainability and cost passed on to the voters.  These actions have already driven up the costs of housing and the ability to purchase a home in this sellers market.  I will represent the citizens of DeLand as an advocate for protecting their resources and scrutinizing further recommendations for planning and development that is not in the best interest of our community.  I will sit down with developers and urge them to focus on affordable housing options.  I believe growth must be organic, at a sustainable rate, and with housing that is affordable to those who live and work in DeLand.

  1. Susie Ferrell says:

    Hello Matthew,
    Every thing you have said, I agree with 100%.
    My husband and I have lived in DeLand over 50 years, in the same house located near out downtown. Actually my husband moved here as a child.
    Needless to say, we have see. A lot of change to our sweet little town. I fear, we have already lost the small town feel. I can go to Publix and not see anyone I know. It wasn’t always that way. I miss the closeness the community once experienced.
    I hate to see all the housing developments, especially when they cut down every blessed tree! I am concerned about our wildlife. They have no place to live. I will get off my soap box ! Best wishes to you.

    • I to have lived in this town for 50yrs.almost 60 but whose counting. It’s about it started growing. That kind of think of “well I don’t know anyone anymore” . Then say hello to new people and meet them. It’s amazing how little effort people want to make to meet people. We need more business. Growth is good. DeLand was nearly dead for years. Downtown never looked better. It was once nothing but filthy waste of land. GROW DELAND.

      • There’s a huge difference in growth that can be sustainable and beneficial, and over growth for the sake of raking in property tax dollars. Currently we’re seeing huge developments pop up of homes costing upwards of $350k where the entire subdivision is clearcut, the resources are just not there to sustain this. Who is going to purchase these homes? Certainly not people who currently live and work in DeLand. What about those people? Should they just be forced to add to the already large and growing homeless population for the sake of development?

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