I believe that Parents and not Government Agents know what’s best for their children.  Whether it’s medical decisions or educational decisions I believe ultimately the Parent has an absolute say in these decisions.  I watched these last few years as politicians ran roughshod over the will of the parents and made unilateral decisions they had no authority to make.  As such, I will always stand  with the rights and the the will of the constituents.  Parents of DeLand will always have their voices heard, and their opinions counted.

  1. Eddie Bair says:

    Do you support GOV DeSantis & his war on elementary school content agendas so that the state of FL should be able to dictate what can & cannot be taught at those levels? Do you consider his efforts an encroachment on parents’ rights to decide what can be taught to their children or not?

    • I think the solution to all these problems with regards to what can be taught to the children is giving the Parents not only the right to choose where they send their children for education, but ensuring that the tax dollars they’re paying through property taxes and income taxes for education follow the child. If a parent decides they want to send their child to a school who’s curriculum better suits what they want their child to learn; then the tax dollars shouldn’t automatically go to their school district it should instead go to the school of choice. I don’t think the proper role of the government is to decide what a child should or shouldn’t learn. I think that falls more on the parents.

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